Specifying NIA Certified Faced Insulation® means that the insulation meets 100% of the stated R-value.

Insulation Specification

Below is a sample architectural specification for NIA Certified Faced Insulation®. This specification covers the classification, composition, and the physical properties of flexible faced fiber glass insulation intended for use in walls and roofs of manufactured metal buildings.

Fiber glass shall be as outlined in the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA 202-96® [Rev.2000]) specification and laminated to the NIA Certified Faced Insulation® specification with a certified R-value of _______ after lamination. The fiber glass shall be faced with ______. The composite of fiber glass and facing shall have surface burning characteristics not to exceed 25 flame spread and 50 smoke developed when tested in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratories 723 test method or ASTM E84 test method.

This short specification can be downloaded. It is provided in text only format so that you can easily adapt it to fit your metal building specifications. Click here to download.