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Insulation Presentations Available

Learn More about NIA’s Business Presentation Series

The National Insulation Association (NIA) has developed four distinct presentations on the subject of insulation, for use by outside companies, organizations, and chapter meetings.  The presentations are:

  • Insulation, the Forgotten or Lost Technology

    Insulation is a proven technology for energy conservation, emission reduction, personnel protection, sound control and a host of other benefits.  However, despite the proof, insulation systems are often overlooked, undervalued, applied but rarely "engineered", and are not performing to capacity.  This fast paced and humorous presentation examines the simplicity of this valued technology, simplicity of this valued technology, simply known as insulation. It answers such questions as, "What is an insulation system?", "What should be considered in the system selection criteria?", "What is the risk verses the benefit of a correct insulation system?", "What is the value of maintaining the system?", and "Can the return on investment be calculated?" Sounds complicated, but the information in this presentation provides evidence that it's not.

  • Putting the Power of Insulation to Work

    The power of insulation: What is that? Can insulation eliminate mold growth, control condensation, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, increase safety with personal protection, reduce sound levels, increase productivity and provide a return on investment? Usually what sounds too good to be true, isn't. That's not true here: A correct insulation system, properly installed and maintained, can do all of those things. This presentation provides evidence as to the power of insulation and explores what educational and awareness programs are available to assist you in your business by putting the power of insulation to work. You have to see this to believe it.

  • Putting the Power of Insulation to Work, the Forgotten or Lost Technology

    This presentation combines and merges the "Insulation, The Forgotten or Lost Technology" and "Putting the Power of Insulation to Work" presentations. This is a fast paced, humorous and hands-on program with questions and answers throughout.

  • Innovations in Insulation Materials & Systems

    What materials are available today for various applications, process piping and equipment, boilers, refrigeration, hot and cold domestic water, chillers, HVAC applications, etc.? Has the old generation of materials improved? What is the new generation of insulation materials, finishes and jacketing/cladding systems for commercial and industrial applications? Are there new or improved applications and inspection techniques for new construction, renovation or maintenance requirements? This might sound complex and that is has the potential of information overload. Not really. This presentation is designed to be informative and entertaining with touch-and-feel opportunities, all while providing a wealth of resource guides.

Download the Business Meeting Presentation Series Flier

For information on cost, availability, and scheduling, please call the NIA office at 703-464-6422 or email marketing@insulation.org.

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