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National Insulation Association (NIA) Unveils New Logo

NIA is excited to announce the upcoming release of our new logo! NIA Past President Rick Smith, of E.J. Bartells, first suggested a logo redesign at his first Board of Directors' meeting on April 21, 2012. Part of the redesign also included the development of several taglines to be used in concert with the new logo to present different messages about NIA and the benefits of mechanical insulation. Mr. Smith began this initiative to help NIA emphasize its position as "the voice of the insulation industry," a phrase long associated with NIA, that would become one of the taglines for our new logo. To help facilitate the creation of a new logo, Mr. Smith created the Branding Image and Information Technology (BRITE) Task Force. This task force, in concert with NIA staff, worked to craft a new, fresh logo and taglines to reflect NIA's mission and its primary role in promoting and supporting the mechanical insulation industry.

The taglines that will be used with NIA's new logo consist of phrases that NIA has been using for years, or even decades. Our new design allows us to incorporate these phrases with our logo to further explain NIA's mission. This will help NIA with its awareness and advocacy efforts, and will allow us to quickly capture and illustrate the power of insulation to related industries, power players on Capitol Hill, and other strategic partners in an easy-to-read graphic format. Both the new logo and the taglines were approved by NIA's Board of Directors at the Committee Days meeting on December 5, 2013, and will be copyrighted and trademarked for NIA's use only. The following phrases are the final taglines created by the BRITE Task Force members:

  • One Voice, One Industry, One FutureTM
  • The Voice of the Insulation IndustryTM
  • The Power of InsulationTM
  • Representing the Mechanical Insulation IndustryTM
  • Serving the Mechanical Insulation IndustryTM

    NIA also created a "Proud Member of NIA" logo to ensure all of our members are a part of our new, branded efforts to grow the industry and make it stronger. This separate, members-only logo can be used on members' promotional or marketing materials and will help increase our sense of professional collaboration and unity.

    While the new logo will be seen on upcoming NIA communications and publications, NIA will officially debut the logo at our 59th Annual Convention in Indian Wells, California to our members, industry professionals, and other insulation end users. Our premier industry event, which attracts mechanical insulation professionals from all over the United States, is the perfect event to celebrate our new logo, and we hope to build on this momentum as we continue to work on behalf on the industry. NIA would like to express its sincerest gratitude to Past President Rick Smith, current President David Dzina, and the BRITE Task Force members for all their hard work, dedication, and support in creating our new logo. This group, representing many diverse parts of the industry, was indispensable in creating our new logo, and particularly the taglines, that resonate across different specialties and truly capture both the diversity and possibility that the mechanical insulation industry holds.

    NIA members can log into the Members Only section of www.insulation.org and download a JPEG of the Proud Member of NIA logo. Please use this file to update your business cards, website, and any other relevant materials.

    A Very Special Thanks to the Members of the BRITE Task Force:

    Dave Cox—Owens Corning

    David Dzina—Selle Supply Co.

    Lauren Gauchel—L & C Insulation, Inc.

    Wayne Killion—Shook & Fletcher Insulation Co.

    Ron King—Past President and Consultant

    John Lamberton—Advanced Specialty Contractors, LLC

    Rick Smith—E.J. Bartells

    Dana Vlk—Distribution International

    This press release dates from February 2014.

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